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March 9-April 11, 2018.

Ig Nobel EuroTour — shows in the UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and other countries.

  • March 9, Friday, 6:00 pm— Imperial College London, UK—in the Sherfield Building at the South Kensington Campus, in the Great Hall. With:
  • March 16, Friday—Sacré Coeur Pressbaum, Vienna, Austria.—Private event.
  • March 19, Monday, 1:00 pm—Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany. In the Communications Center.—Marc Abrahams will discuss the Ig Nobel Prizes. Russ Hodge will present “The Evolution of Pizza”. Open to the public.
  • March 21, Wednesday, 2:00 pm—Paul-Ehrlich Institute, Langen, Germany, in Axon 1 at the MDC.C Conference CenterMarc Abrahams and Russ Hodge. Open to the public.
  • March 22, Thursday, 8:00 PM—DAI [German-American Institute], Sofienstraße 12, Heidelberg, Germany.—Marc Abrahams and Russ Hodge. Open to the public. [TICKET INFO]
  • March 24, Saturday, Paris, France. Details TBA.
  • March 27, Tuesday, 6:00 pm—EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, with:
    • Marc Abrahams
    • Milo Puhan and Alex Suarez, Ig Nobel Peace Prize winners (using a didgeridoo to treat obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring)
    • Nadia Dominici, Ig Nobel Physics Prize winner (some people would be physically capable of running across the surface of a pond — if those people and that pond were on the moon.)
    • Kees Moeliker, Ig Nobel Biology Prize winner (homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck)
  • April 2, Tuesday—Barcelona, Spain. Details TBA.
  • April 5, Thursday, 3:00 pm—Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden—Berzelius väg 3, in Lecture hall Retzius. Free admission, open to the general public. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin, Ig Nobel Physics Prize winner (can a cat be both a solid and a liquid?)
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón, Ig Nobel Obstetrics Prize winners (effects of intra-vaginally played music on developing fetuses)
    • Bruno Verschuere, Ig Nobel Psychology Prize winner (asking a thousand liars how often they lie, and deciding whether to believe those answer)
  • April 6, Friday, 12:30 pm—Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden—in Studenthuset, Galleriet. Free admission, open to the public. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón
    • Bruno Verschuere
  • April 10, Tuesday, 7:00 pm—University of Aarhus, Denmark— and livestreamed to many other meeting places in Denmark. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón
    • Minna Lyons, Ig Nobel Psychology Prize winner (comparison of psychopathic traits in night owls versus early risers)
  • April 11, Wednesday, 4:00 pm—Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby. With:
    • Marc-Antoine Fardin
    • Álex García-Faura and Marisa López-Tejón
    • Minna Lyons

Other events and details TBA.

July, 2018. Tickets go on sale for the 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. Details TBA.
September 13, 2018, Thursday, 6:00 pm. The 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Details TBA.
September 15, 2018, Saturday, 1:00 pm. The Ig Informal Lectures, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Details TBA.
Late September, 2018.  Japan.  Details TBA.
October 10, 2018, Wednesday, 5:30 pm. Hartford County Medical Association Annual Meeting, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.  Details TBA.
November, 2018.  Ig Nobel Autumn EuroTour.  Details TBA.
November 23, 2018, Friday. “Science Friday” Ig Nobel radio broadcast.  Details TBA.

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